Covid 19 Information Procedures

Infection Control and Disinfecting Facilities


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The processes used to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus are not new. In specifying Coronavirus infection control methods to managers of long-term care facilities, which house some of the highest-risk populations, the CDC recommends that these facilities use the very same strategies that they use every day to detect and prevent the spread of other respiratory viruses, like influenza.

What are these strategies?

• Thorough and frequent hand washing is an important step in protecting oneself.

• For homes and indoor facilities make sure to clean and disinfect surfaces and contents. Cleaning with soap and water removes many germs, lowering their numbers and reducing the spread of infection. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects, further lowering the risk of spreading infection. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects sound relatively simple, but doing so safely and effectively requires a little know-how.

• It is important to select the right chemical product to treat the specific germs you intend to eliminate and to apply those chemicals safely and thoroughly without causing harm to humans or animals that may later come in contact with treated surfaces.

If you have concerns about cleaning and disinfecting areas of your home, business, or indoor facility, CTR Spokane & Lewiston is ready to help you. We have been in the infection-control business for a long time, and have a thorough understanding of which chemicals to use for various types of germs, and how to use them safely.

If you have cleaning and disinfecting needs related to the Coronavirus, or any other virus or bacteria, please give us a call—we would love to help.

More information can be found on the CDC website at