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Fire Damage Restoration

Sometimes disasters such as fires can ruin a home and all of your valuables…
Let us come restore your priceless possessions and home

We will take all of your smoke damaged valuables to our facility and personally clean each individual item to our best ability and put them into our ozone room. The ozone room is a special room which extracts the smoky odor from your items making them as new as possible.  The Ozone is also portable and can be taken to smoke damaged residences to try and extract the awful smell from your home.

Our fire damage services include:
  24-HR Emergency Services
  Removal of Contents
  Cleaning and Ozoning of Contents
  Cleaning of Smoke Damaged Areas in Home
  Spraying of Sealer in Contaminated Area
  Remodel of damaged Area
  Painting Damaged Area

P.O. Box 48
Hermiston, Oregon 97838

(541) 567-2603
(800) 238-1223